Under The Influence

Its been sometime since I was last on here, and they say retirement is supposed to be relaxing! …far from it, goodness knows how I managed to keep not one, but two jobs going when I was actually working, talk about being pulled in different directions, that’s North, South, East AND West, oh, and the extremes of heat as a candle is burned at point Zero, between the cracks right under my ass.

Today starts a new chapter in my life, at almost sixty years old, and finally with the aid of a gracious monetary gift I have been able to order a bespoke iMac, it has arrived, been unpacked and here it now sits in front of me, pouting and sending love and virtual hugs to you all out there in WordPress land and to all of my dear dedicated followers on the many social media sites I tend to loiter and frequent.

I’m taking a few days off from the manic scenario that seems to have exploded on Berry Head Road recently, my mates flat is having new carpets, a new kitchen is being fitted in-between everything else going on, our normal routine has gone awry and everything scheduled on our busy social Calender has been shunned to one side to set this thing of beauty up.

This Saturday evening brings a still calm sea, Brixham is awash with visitors this Bank holiday weekend, Brixfest is being hosted in town and tomorrow I air my new suit again as the latest addition to our family is christened, family gatherings are rare these days especially as I have disowned my maternal family, so, its good that the paternal side seem to be breeding like rabbits which makes a good excuse for a decent bun-fight, being manhandled with tight (for goodness sake let me go I cant breathe) hugs, polite hand shakes and lipstick kisses on foreheads.

Hearing the latest news and gossip is always good, well, what other real reason is there to attend, apart from making sure that you let everyone else know that you are still very much alive!

James Morrison plays “Undiscovered” …… all seems good with me, mine and those in my world.

May 28 2016

Tails of the City …..

Once upon many a long long times ago …..

In the early part of this Millennium, to the west of the great city of London in the county of Middlesex, lies an ancient settlement named Hayes, there the seventh pup of a litter was born, probably of a seventh son, sadly, he was the runt, weak and totally different from his siblings, and, years later still, the same dog is now thirteen years old, going on eighty-four, his name is “Spike” aka Mr Griffin. He bears tiny bow front legs, twisted paws, snow-white coat with champagne coloured patches, his Furmother was a Jack Russell, his Furfather a Corgi …… He himself believes, as we his Daddies also, that he is of Royal descendence, a King in the making, with all the refinements of a true drama Queen.


He would tell you if he could just how difficult his first eight weeks of life were, to be honest, his doggy parents’ humans took no notice of him, he had to fight and scrap his way through for food, this was a tough patch for a tiny and timid weakling. Children constantly wanting to pick him up, the screams from little girls whilst pulling and tugging him who couldn’t get their own way would make him cringe. There was no escape, slowly and steadily one by one the litter got smaller, and then all but one of his siblings were left, …  he thought ….. where had the others disappeared?

Another morn awoke him, his furmother strangely snuggled into him, hugging tightly to comfort his whimper, almost as if she knew that today was the day to say goodbye to her special little baby. Around lunchtime the terrible noise that often broke the silence happened, someone was ringing the doorbell yet again, he knew this was another stranger coming to look at the diminishing circus, this had to be his chance to get out of this hell by being strong. The gentleman visiting had come to purchase his sister, not him, instinctively he knew that this man was very special and very different from the many others, just as he knew himself was.

He had to make an impression, as far as he was concerned, today was his ticket out to his forever home, wherever that was to be. He pulled his cheeky face on and adjusted his charm, his mother nudged him hard and in true showbiz style he strode right out there into the middle of the sodden pee stained pen straight toward this towering man, looking up, his eyes met his looking down, immediately a bond was formed, suddenly the little man was tucked inside his warm coat, the reward for a quick exchange of a few greenbacks ….. “see ya suckers“, he whispered very quietly to his new Daddy, who replied “C’mon then, let’s get the fuck outta here my beautiful boy” …. a sad mummy watched her special baby leave, she turned away and gently cried, … “Your turn next young lady” she said to her remaining daughter.

Not bothering to glance back they headed straight to the train station, the carriage rattled its way East toward his new home, his proud new Daddy showed him off to a few Eastern babes who jumped the train en route, he even stood on the table, he seemed to like these young ladies with beautiful make-up so much so, he even showed them HIS lipstick. This puppy was a showman in the making, he had them in the centre of his paw and in just that short time he had already wrapped his new daddy around his tiny little dew claw. Arriving at Paddington to change to the underground, his Daddy told him how special this place was going to become a big part of his life, as he was soon to be a regular traveller on Mr Brunel’s super railway down to the seaside, little was he aware that, that name was also going to be the name of his new furever friend.

Spike! Spike SPIKE !… what is this strange noise I keep hearing, is it for me? If I do as they say when called, I’ll surely get luffs and treats, biting my Daddy isn’t funny and although I love him a plenty, I really should be nice in return, well, that’s one of the many things my Furmum told me about.

This little bundle of gorgeousness had been given his name many years previous, it was his Daddy’s wish to have a dog called Spike, and now at forty years old, his wish had come and been made true. The tiny terror learned his name quickly and in many routines he showed his Daddies how clever he could be, yes, that is correct, TWO Daddies.

He was given a castle made out of an old cardboard box to live in, a big squishy cushion made comfort for him, and he soon learned, this was his domain, woe betide anyone who tried to invade, it sat beneath the computer, raised off the floor like it had its own moat, and from there he surveyed his land, often when the dialup internet made its connection, he intercepted and made calls to the dog planet.


Living on the south bank of the Thames in an area called Kings Reach, passing the Tate Modern, the wobbly “Minellium Bridge” the Globe Theatre and Borough Market, onwards a replica of the Golden Hind, Southwark Cathedral, under the new London Bridge and down toward Tower Bridge, each and every day he trotted along side his Daddy on his Hi-Viz lead with his Black collar taking in the views, sniffing posts and leaving secret pmails everywhere. He noted all the distractions of life in general and receiving plenty of attention from residents, the many stallholders in the market and the visiting public, he was becoming a local celebrity, and then soon, one evening, his full title was announced.  He was to be known as Spike Griffin, Kings Reach Sir Humpalot, so, you can guess what his daily party trick was can’t you!, after all, you always give the one you love the most, especially, your all.

His new Daddy was a right tough cookie, and could hold his own in any fight or an argument, he had many mates who came to visit and they checked his prized new pup out. You can imagine the surprise when he heard one of them laughing out loud about a skinhead having a tiny puppy. “My daddy is a skinhead?” “Wow ….. They ARE roughty toughty people, hope I get to grow up to be big and strong like him then!” …… “Guess that makes him MY bitch!” <wink>


And so the master class began ….