Date 21 May 2002

Fourth week into Covid 19 lockdown.

All going stir crazy here although scooped a social distancing network for food and bits and pieces, milk delivers at 02:55am, Thursday Fruit and Veg box, Friday Artisan bread, butter, savouries etc and a few freebies from Dan the propritor, he’s a lovely young man with a penchant for finding a spare 94 seconds, personally, i think he needs a little snip of his vas deferens or a quick surprise visit in the night to his testicles by two red bricks.

Awaiting a phone call from my GP surgery, my prescription of morphine based tablets has been messed about with, and somebody, goodness knows who has taken it upon themselves to lower the dosage, and without consultation to me either. The only way i can get relief is to top it up with ibuprofen, which isnt safe as i already take blood thinners …. anyway, a head chewing awaits an incompetant buffoon.

Watching Two and half men last eve, “Charlies Journal” is that it reads similar to mine, everything appears anything and negative and always written through a deceased mind. I’l try to update mine to the positive so you can all laugh “Monday 20 April, 2020. Wet my fresh new pants whilst on toilet, seems im not as well built as i use to be, be good at getting into small spaces now especially between the rim and toilet seat”

Hope that made you laugh?

Over & Out!

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