Good afternoon,

What a beautiful day, and realised perhaps its time to purchase some decent garden furniture, so its time to use the trusty old internet it is, what a marvelous invention it is, pity really, because I would have prefered visiting a garden centre to actually wiggle my back side in the seat or check the table is at the right height for dining, I can be such a pain in the butt, but, needs must, however, it’s going to be pot luck this time.

This time last year, I was watching another of my favourite shows from Frasier, the one where ….. Ros Doyle sets the Cherries Jubilee alight, just makes me giggle, which at the moment isn’t as much as I should, but, with co-ordination from my G.P. today he finally got my prescription correct for my Class ! Controlled drugs, he’s such a sweet man. 🙂

Finally ordered the dogs monthly food for delivery, sadly, the proprietor miscalculated the order and had to squeeze another £24 out of me, it’s for the “children” so what can you do, bless ’em.


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