Not so ‘sure ….


After just receiving my renewal premium from my Contents Insurers, I happened to notice that since last year it has been hiked up by almost Eighty Pounds, Fifty Pounds the year previous and another Fifty before that, so, I contacted their *hotline*, which actually cost me to call them, and requested a review, the reason and why. The answer I was given was that it was due to the amount of crime in my postcode and considering the proximity of the water[1] and also that there had been adverse flooding. I informed him however, that, although I am on the cliffs edge, nor near the water, and if there had been any flooding, at seventy five foot above, a very large amount of this country would still be underwater.

The jobs worth would not offer me any form of discount even though I have been with them since 2008, although I had made a claim some two years ago for some books to be replaced due to a fish tank leak, he was adamant that the underwriters were correct in their decision to raise the premium and as their representative he would not make any dispensation at all.

I made a few remarks on my favourite social media tool, good old Twitter, it has taken two days for e’sure to reply to my rant, but yet, still no action.

Enter Giorgio Compario ….. One hundred and Fifty quotes within a minute, and the cheapest one, which had the same cover, excess and benefits was, ….. wait for it … £175.00 cheaper than the original renewal price, but, there is a twist to this, which I find really really bizarre, the two prices are from the SAME Insurance Company.

Again I contacted the *hotline, informed them of my dilemma, and was offered a 5% reduction, can you imagine my reply? … Correct, I was very polite and asked them to cancel my cover as from this midnight …..

Who remembers David Walliams dressed as the ‘female’ sat behind the “Little Britain” desk and coughing in ones face ……. “Computer says NO”

I now have another bulldog covering my assets, still from the same company, but much much cheaper.