Sloe Gin & Chocolate

220_1_1439309894Last evening, my very close friend Chris, promised me a new experience, courtesy of a British TV chef, being from the same County as this likely lad, Essex, I assumed that he thought this would be great fun, infact at the time it was.

Ingredients  (Serves 2)

1 Bottle of Sloe Gin

1 Bar of Quality Chocolate with Nuts

1 Punnet of Red Grapes, individually frozen.


Place Red Grapes on a tray in deep freeze for approx 4 hours, break the bar of chocolate into bite size pieces and prepare the shot glasses for the Sloe Gin.

Put grapes into serving bowl, and place upon wood platter along with chocolate pieces, stand the two glasses adjacent and fill to the brim with Sloe Gin, offer your guest a glass and raise a merry cheer after your bottoms have chinked together, that is NOT a euphemism either. The idea is to sip the Sloe Gin and savor the flavours and experience the textures and not to neck it down in one like a pig, alternate, grape, chocolate, sip, fill glass, grape, choc, sip, sip, grape chocolate, sip sip sip, fill glass again, gulp, chuck, crunch, sip sip, (one more I asked?) fill glass yet again, and neck it down in one.

Side Effects

Steadily wobble off to bed and die for eight plus hours, awaken with the mofu [1] of all hangovers, sign pre-declaration to promise NEVER to take the gin again ….. Or until the next time period !

I hate you Jamie. 🙂

Please drink responsibly this festive season.

References                                                                    [1] motherfucker



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