All Hope and no Glory

 Rushing out of the door with a slice of crisp bread in one hand is hardly a great start to a day’s adventure to the North coast of Devon, long gone are the days of luxurious transportation by rail, now it’s what’s known as cattle class on the train of the damned.
Today of all days had to be Black Friday, an Americanism that has recently infected our country and so many others to boot, it’s not just a day now, it’s a week or, even worse a month, so I noticed on the TV, this invasion has now gone viral into the supermarket chains, if companies can make such huge profits with such dramatic discounts, then why can’t this be just made even across the whole board, spread across 365 days.
So, yes, Black Friday comes in handy if you do happen to need a 50″ all singing, all washing, all dancing gizmo or something stupidly similar, and you are lucky enough to either a) have the cash ready, b) a credit card with credit and c) intentions of signing up to a “House” credit card at an astronomic APR, then that’s fine, great, saving up to a possible discount of or and up to 80%, and able to enjoy, but, honestly, 10% off a cup of coffee if you mention the politically incorrect mantra “Black Friday” really is scraping the desperation barrel and getting caught up in the drama.
The train this morning to Exeter was crammed full of happy shoppers armed with SAS tactics and game plans, whereas, I was heading to Barnstaple to see my consultant, thrice yearly I traipse this route, not a hairs breadth between over ground waypoints and scheduled stops.
Of course, days of all days near to Christmas I’d have loved to peruse the market, get into the festive seasons spirit and be able to “oh and ahh” at a few nice items, instead, I return absolutely knackered with an NHS carrier full of medication through the melee of idiots wearing invisible Black Friday smiles and only one of my arms half full of blood, the other half separated into fourteen vials ready for analysis.

The only thing relating to today’s named event is going to be a bruise where a needle the size of my Grandmothers darner has left its mark.

As for today being totally and politically incorrect, here is my statement, incorrect or otherwise …… Fuck Off Black Friday, at least I haven’t been had by the rapists of our economy, the only winners today are the retailers, so without further ado, I declare Black Friday a Con, and if *you* have been stupid enough to have been conned, then you got just exactly what you deserve ……

One thought on “All Hope and no Glory

  1. I had to go out to gather provisions for my house-bound neighbour and found all the stores …including one of those 24hr hypermarket supermarkets quieter than the average grave.
    So it seems that Black Friday was a great big fat flop in my neck of the woods. ….Thank goodness.

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