Bluebirds of Happiness


Early starts today for both the Rockleigh and Rockhaven households, Vet appointments dictate 09:40 on site, trying to separate the eldest and the youngest of four unruly hooligans proved tricky, however, once rounded up and bribed with gravy bones and Markies, both Willow and Spike bound down the steps on all four paw drive, full throttle toward our red transporter, which, safely parked the other side of the garden gates, across the busy road, managing to hold back the traffic, we hurried the wriggly critters into the hatchback, and headed on-wards our journey.

Willow aged 8 was due her follow up vaccination and Spike who is thirteen, due just a slight pedicure, I say quite loosely, that infact, he’s rather a girl when it comes to trimming his delicate toe nails attached to his semi deformed Queen Anne legs, yes, he IS a screamer, after arriving outside the surgery they both got wind of the impending double trouble, and mayhem enthused.

No point in me describing the noise Spike made whilst attention was given, so, fast forward, we pay our dues and pile back into the car and head straight down to the beach, tide is out, no wind and gentle flat sands and waves await our pleasures.

Recently we lost Paddington, he had grown up with Spike, they were inseparable, and we had to watch Spike for over six months whilst he grieved, sadly Paddington had terrible issues out in public, so, walks were made at times when it was dark and when he wasn’t on one, which was very rare.

Spike and Willow hardly associate, except that she knows her pecking order position, right at the bottom as youngest, although third in line, we also have Hannah and Jack who position 2 and 4 respectively, anyway, we unload at the beach and remained leashed up, plastic pooh bags in pockets we set our course to the headland, nice firm sand made good traction, I let Willow loose as Chris did Spike, they scratt and sniff about a while, suddenly Spike races toward Willow and with his nose, head butted her, just like he used to with Paddington, it was a beautiful sight to behold, “Mr Griffin” and Miss Willow Pig” are now in harmony, chasing Paddington’s mischievous spirit along the sands.

Is this the beginning of a beautiful relationship or just two Bluebirds of Happiness?

Chris and i smile at each other, a great reason to be alive and happy, and able to watch moments like this







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