*nods head & enters room*

“Good morning to you all” I say in a forced cheerful voice, knowing too well it’s only 04:50hrs, many of you are fast asleep, recharging ones own internal batteries, whilst the rest of us are sat here in the largest cafe in the world, deleting the last vestiges of any amperic values,  correct .. You’ve guessed it, …. Insomnia Cafe!

 it’s taken me two hours to finally pluck up courage and create my own blog account.

Having had encouragement from a complete stranger whom I met on Twitter almost two years ago and after reading her daily blogs it has given me the crazy mad cap idea of divulging a few of my experiences in life and my former working career, I may even throw in the odd curve ball and surprise you with a few “what happened in Vegas ” type scenarios, but that will only happen once I get to know a few of you out there a little better, or wether I’m feeling brave enough to risk facing a lawsuit.

Athough I haven’t met this lovely lady, I now consider her as a dear *friend* and in my mind wears a badge of “prized place core tweeter”,  thank you Rosie for giving me the kick in the butt.

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