Now what exactly is an acquaintance? it’s not exactly a family member, neither is it a best buddy, possibly a friend of a friends friends friend? Is that person something to do with either a work colleague, a business deal or an illicit exchange of something rather suspicious? Whoever they may be, getting to know what they may have or know, be it either material or information, more often than not, one can make use of that commodity.

How do you get to know one without either making a fool of yourself or breaking someone’s else’s confidentiality?

Even obtaining that info, how do they stay that elusive, remain anonymous? Simple, solely reliant on the word schtumm and tight lips.

James had been introduced to a friend of a friends friend once, he was the acquaintance, although he was sure he had been given a birth name, he wasn’t allowed that privelidge, a nasty slim drainpipe of a bloke, scruffy shoes and basically rough as a bag of nails. Having had instruction never to speak to him if he saw him out in public, never to engage in unnecessary conversation when he needed to contact him, only information he needed was, how much and where? The return exchange was the time and same routine instructions every time!

Indications of discounts on huge amounts of merchandise were mentioned, especially if submitting big orders by impossible set dates, of course, back handers often prioritise the process along, which always helps. Certainly, many people are not aware of how this trade off happens, it’s common in commerce, industry, construction and just about any establishment or walk of life, thinking about it, it’s happening wether you know about it or ever even thought about it, but now, James was now a part of it, in deep, well deep!

Here, he had this magic contact, eleven numerics entered in his box of many tricks, under the name A C Quaintance, why not? it’s a plausible surname after all! Talking to himself he refers to him as AC, it’s easier. This contact stood idle for sometime, he kept mulling the idea over of scoring, eventually, he thought to himself, *well, I’m sure i can just give it a try once, just to see how it goes*.

Many of the larger underground tube stations are scary places, and ascending to street level even when visiting on above board business, everyone is clocking everyone else, checking out your clothes, your shoes, your bags, anything & everything! Watching ones own back is terrifying enough, but having a secret agenda makes it even worse. Body language to a professional would have indicated a sign above his head read “bad man”

James headed nervously towards the agreed meeting area, some small side streets allowing traffic through, albeit tight for both vehicle and pedestrians, he spots AC, he’s stood tight against a wall, his right foot is rolling back n forth over a coca cola tin, dented and obviously once consumed. He acknowledges … dropping his similar vessel to the floor, they both hastily head for each other’s trade off gift.

At this point it’s either a make or break situation why not just do a runner he thought to himself, but that would upset the whole process, and not knowing an outcome like that, he’d rather drive past the hospital than actually take a chance of riding in an ambulance, or even worse! Clumsily he picks this battered can up, recognising he is now a lowlife, people don’t pick cans up out of the gutter, unless ….! James walks quickly down to the nearest bus stop, everyone is staring at this bad man, never the less he’s aware his and others’ weekend scores are in this aluminium drinks can, He was on fire, burning inside, well aware that this “something” was already bringing great feelings of euphoria, way before the experience of short sharp trips administered by the smack fairy were actually due to happen. The journey home was a nightmare, public transport brings home how awful being cramped into tight spaces could be, however looking around the bus, especially as it’s early Friday evening, he notices almost everyone seems to have a certain sparkle in their eyes and a slight grin, all busy on mobiles phones desperately trying to get their dance cards marked & securing another kind of acquaintance for the night.

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