I told you so!

You’ve probably heard of the many stories about elderly folk sealing windows and their carpets with sellotape or masking tape to stop the *intruders* entering the house?!  A film featuring Thora Hird and Pete Postlewhaite called “Lost for Words” hit upon this subject as “Thora” started her journey into dementia.

Have you ever caught sight of something out the corner of your eye, or certain that you saw something briefly?
Of course, it happens to me quite often, I’ve always had this sixth sense, first being a reflection in my bedroom mirror of my mothers mother as she *crossed* the landing.  Mabel had lived with us for sometime, my grandad Jack was in an old peoples home, as they used to be called many years ago, assisted living and care homes are the new title these days, sadly, I still have terrible memories of Jack sharing a four bedded dormitory, it stank and the other occupants scared the living day lights out of me, I realise now just how poorly those people actually were.

My mother had promised her mother she would not be subjected to that terrible ordeal, so, our home became her place of transition to the other side.

These tiny glimpses of black cobwebs appear often, and not just at home, I see them trying to hide behind things like dustbins, in doorways, and peeking out of windows, you know the kind, twitching curtains, and please don’t think I’m going crazy, I am not, it’s been proved!

I call these apparitions “whispees”, even my dogs see them, they get excited, and desperately try to chase them, Spike cornered one in our old flat in London, *it* disappeared through the wall, he would sit for hours staring at this particular space often.
I’m not sure who the whispees are, or where they are from, they may even be lost souls who haven’t passed over yet, or, they might be future visions of myself, playing games, to keep me up on my guard.

Objects appear to have been moved from their original places and often it takes me many days to find them.

Sometimes I talk to these visions as they get a little too cheeky, occasionally *they* bring the atmosphere in the house down, I shout at them to either show themselves or go away, then all goes quiet for a while.

Now I can all hear you now saying “he’s definitely going *cuckoo*”.  And no, it is not paranoia!

Perhaps you ought to look at this from a different angle, say my perspective!

I am aware and know I am not alone, this is my way of telling you that I can see things that others can’t, and while we are on this subject, please try not to scoff too much whilst reading the in-scription upon my “stone” after I have passed away …… “Now! Do you believe me?” As a cool whispee breeze circles you and slips quietly away, that is, at least, for a while !

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