A letter to my love

My dearest September,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you yet again for a perfect month.
As always you bring me Birthday greetings and cake and beautiful sunsets, warmth from friends conversation, calmness of getting older and watching the progression of Mother Nature as she starts her transition to a different season, your waves come to greet me from the East and show me how they can do tricks with extremes of strength and high jumps into the air, they spray their might high into the sky and grasp the remains of the sunlit rays before pulling them down deep into the briny depths, it shows no fear and beats anything in its path that isn’t bolted down.

The low morning sun peeks into my back yard and bounces infinite rays off the hanging glitter ball on the gazebo, sneaking through the horizontal blinds and dashes of inert energy disperse silent imps of light all through the house.

Fresh breezes start to dampen down early to late afternoons and the shadows lengthen beyond any reasoning, occasional smokey whiffs of a chimney lit, an elderly person rubs hands in front of a drawing hearth, trying to remember just how many times they had completed this ancient ritual of making fire. They laugh to themselves.

The sun sets much faster each evening and by tonight the extended arms of heat retract even more, it’s time to say goodnight dear September and dear friends, for tomorrow is October and you will greet me with shrouds of sea mist, cold air and many beautiful things, for now begone good people, it’s time to sleep, awaken refreshed and let’s celebrate another day, and if i don’t awaken, I will remember, that September will always be my chosen beautiful month.

With memories.


One thought on “A letter to my love

  1. This is simply beautiful Paul. A different style of writing from you …and I love it.

    And how I agree with you about our departing ‘friend’ …September is a glorious month.



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