The Spiders Harvest

McMurtry sat devoid of all personality at the cocktail bar, her face sour, just like the olives in her martini, her makeup beautifully administered, hours of paletting, monkey juiced injections and dermer filler puffed her cheeks like rounded buns, her eyes were as black as coal, burning deep and hot inside, she watched every person enter the bar through the mirrored reflection of the giant display of every conceivable liquor bottle, the low seductive lighting made the atmosphere dark and sleazy. 

Marion was a whore with a high price tag, her leads with international dealers made her easy for a price, not necessarily for cash, she was hungry for rock, yes, her goal was rough diamonds, she would do anything to hold these beautiful minerals with her long slender fingers, her nails manicured to perfection.

The seams of her black sheer stockings went from the heel of her Cartier hoofs right up to her suspenders, a peek glimpse of tanned flesh as her velveteen cocktail dress offered a slit so obvious, it was enough to entertain a whole roomful of voyeurs.

Suddenly McMurty saw her mark, he was not your obvious agent type, he was short and stocky, probably a former rugby player, her facial expression changed to her seductive poise and her “fuck me eyes” glistened like the stars above, they made reflective contact and he steadily, if not slightly clumsily moved toward the bar, she tapped the stool next to her and he sat upon it, he moved in close and offered her his kiss, closing her eyes she took his offering, their tongues intertwined and he passed over the prize, she purred, knowing she was now the owner of yet another beauty, she swallowed gracefully, he pulled away, he ordered his drink and then sipped it whilst they jokingly made conversation.

He held her hand, leading her through the hotel reception, they took the elevator to his room, he was now ready for his reward, seductively they undressed, she placed a small pill on her tongue and gave it to him, they laid together, he was eager, his rough hands caressed her thighs, cupping her breasts he attempted to mount her, she spun him over and mounted his hardness, riding him roughly, her back arched, her talons stretched, clawing at his chest, she swore and hissed then threw her head from side to side, she knew the pill would split soon and he would display his feelings of complete ecstasy, within only a few more moments this spider would *eat* her prey, and it would be over, his body started to convulse, moaning from deep within he foamed from the mouth, and heaved a deep sigh.

She orgasmed as the diamond slowly pleasured her inner soul.

Wiping the makeup off her now nondescript plain face, the woman doubled checked her flight ticket to Amsterdam.

The black widow had struck yet again.

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