Back to the Future

  Dear Dad, 

As you can see, I haven’t missed your birthday yet, unlike that one time and I made you cry, I still can’t forgive myself for that …. I am oh SO Sorry xx 
Well Wilf, I found this card you sent from Calpe, it’s got to be nine years ago this month, so, just for the record, il update you on the questions you asked, better hold on and listen very carefully, actually, go put the kettle on, can’t beat a cup of tea …. Hurry up, I’m about to start.

(Read the card, these are the replies)

Both of us are fairing up, although I do worry about C, rumour has it he does of me too.
As the lovely Dionne Warwick sings, “That’s what friends are for”
Well, any weather in Calpe is good, and very warm is even better, keep the Stamp nose out of the direct sunlight, you should know by now, that we don’t wear that, or our ears for beauty! 
Work here? It’s like the Fourth Road Bridge, it never stops, every-time it rains I’m sure it’s going to get in somewhere, even though the new roof has been completed, you just can’t trust the cowboys, they are everywhere, like the dust …… it just seems to breed!

In a nutshell, if I complain about it, it’ll be just like banging my head against a wall ….. Pointless!! 
Friends? Look just how many we have made over the years, of course, I’ve now been going there longer than you and dear Mum had, forty years, and yes, the drinks just seem to get stronger every visit …. Happy days!
Do you remember that time that we got burgled, in the middle of the night? *he* could have stabbed me, and you beat the crap out of him !!!

Oh I bet he had a headache!

You were my hero then as you still are today, my very very special man.
I hear it’s the rushkies now, they’re buying up every plot, climbing up higher to the height of the Peñon, it seems if your not got an ollie in front of your name or an arch at the end, then you’re no one.

Oligarch this, Oligarch that.

Yes, Its our home from home.

As always, and, as always, always means forever, give our love to Mum, I do hope Paddington is behaving himself with you, hope you both have a fantastic birthday on Saturday, sadly, I won’t be writing for a while, but, feel free to visit, or tie a message to Paddington’s collar, he often *pops in*. Royal Mail has really gone down the pan recently, hoping this gets to you by email, until we are united once again, stay safe, keep warm, and love one another for our sakes.

“We will”

Lovingly, your sons and puppies
P & C, S, H, W & J. 


P.S. Sophie has now moved in with her boyfriend, tell Mum when you think it’s the right time. (modern times) xx Good luck with that one.
By the way, it was “Back to the future” day today (Wednesday) so, this is quite an apt message, if your not sure what that was just “Google” it, I’m sure you will have a better broadband connection up there than we have down here.

(Man hugs)


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