Somewhere between the 10th of Hell and the 11th of November.

 The four guardsmen each stare straight face ahead into brick walls, their aching backs and legs remain still for hours on end. 

Silence, allowed for “No Talking”, not there was anything worth talking about, physically, and mentally they were drained.

Master at Arms shouts “All change” first in moved into new security post, last in moved to third and external guard into first. 

No breaks for personal reasons, dignity was not an option, the only thought the men ever had was “when would this bloody war ever end “?
There was no relief from the bitter cold wind and the rain, their uniforms sodden to the core, these men were dying standing on their feet, often a gun would sound, a poignant signal to a group of four individuals who would collect the dead soldier, exhaustion, and disease was rife throughout the temporary barracks, on this particular dank November evening, *many* men pass away, they lay them with the other dead bodies, their empty souls crumpled in heaps at the road sides, whilst their exhausted spirits attempted to reach the afterworld, only to remain in status.
Their own pre written letters explaining their demise was collected, for delivery to surviving family members, the dispatchers gave the unit notice, that today, at the eleventh hour of this eleventh day of this eleventh month ceasefire would be declared.

War was to be over, but, would it really ever stop? even today it still continues somewhere.
May God Bless the brave, those who gave their lives and hope that the lost souls, eventually find their peace eternal.

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