Faithful & True

Today, this time last year (3/2/2015), my dearest Paddington passed away, all very quickly and oh so sad, everyday I touch his tiny pottery urn which holds his ashes placed next to a beautiful photograph of him and his beloved Spike.

During the day our usual treats routine for the four remaining family members continue as normal, we ensure he receives the same treat as the others, we talk to him and include him in conversation, life has to continue in this bizarre style, often I well up with emotion and realise my main man is no longer around, but, whether it be our imagination, or actual fact, his basil brush type tail is often seen running around and glimpsed out of the corner of an eye.

Dearest Paddington, this is for you …

To have loved you, be loved in return by you and able to know you knew that, was worth every moment with you.

Love your dear Daddy P, Daddy C, Spike, Hannah, Willow & Jack XX XXXX

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