Day 5ive …. Rock Pool

Looks all quiet doesn’t it? 

Just because the Sun has not been out of bed for long doesn’t mean that the contents of this rock pool are still dozing, far from it.

The small stones on the bottom of the pool layer like potato slices in a dauphinoise dish, they have been there or near abouts for tens & hundreds of millions of years, nearby rock eruptions display fractures from heat by metamorphic forces and tectonic eruption. 

Black and Red anemone cling to the pool facets, tiny barnacles scar the rock surface and the on-guard limpits gingerly move about, hardy little buggers that they are, any attempts at trying to move them instigate superglue like tendencies. However, Mr Wrasse and his relative with their parrot like mouths have other ideas and are partial to these dromedary like sea humps. 

Nature abounds no rules, it’s eat or be eaten, and somewhere tucked deep down in a corner nearer the base of the pool seeking refuge is a tiny Crab, he is of belief that he will grow up to be the biggest predator in this environment. Nevertheless in a few years time he will be ready for mating. I know he saw me staring at him and he quickly backed away, but I am already drawing up plans …. 

I am going to arrange a date for him with my saucepan, after all, have you seen the price of fresh Crab these days? 

Mind you, I doubt in five years time that il be able to clamber over these rocks like I once used to as a nimble child with my bucket and trusty net.

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