Day 7even …. Gerbera


Pretty little thing isn’t she !
Travelled all the way from South America, Africa and Asia., and often referred to as the African Daisy and is the fifth most common used cut flower in the world. There is something rather enchanting about the contrast of the black centre right to the pearlescent orange tips of the individual petals, each one actually another flower. You can understand why the birds and the bees and the butterflies are attracted to her.

I never fail to smile when I see her, sometimes tucked in tightly within other blooms often in a petrol station or supermarket flower display or like a child in a schoolroom that knows the answer to the question and desperately wishes to be noticed by her teacher.

I adore flowers as you probably know, but, just the one single Gerbera in a vase brightens a whole room up, or on a dining table. One of my favourite Italian restaurants is ‘ASK’ in the Cathederal square in Exeter and although it is one of a chain outlet, each establishment has its own style interior and architectural merit which to me always makes dining special. Even better when a companion adores good food too. And each time I visit, there she is sitting, her beauty radiating and ready to continue where we last left our silent conversation in the language of love and food.

The tall olive-skinned Italian waiter with slicked back hair and eyes you could fall into approaches and asks ‘Are you ready to order Sir?’

‘So, that s, One Insalata Caprese, Followed by Linguine Con Fruitti Di Mare, and to drink Sir?’

…. “Puglian, Bianco Salento, Si, Bottiglia …. due bicchieri ….. “

Pouring just the one glass ….. To the Gerbera …. Salute !

The  Gerbera also happens to be my daughter favourite flower.






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