Retro Day 2 …. SuperHeroes

IMG_3184.jpgWho wanted to be a SuperHero or an assistant when they were younger? …..                   STOP!     Actually thinking about it, why not now?

Of course we did, all of us at some point in our lives wanted to do something beyond anything natural, personally, I have always wanted to be able to fly  ….. !

Superman? No, couldn’t, as wearing your pants over your tights is like running a red light to the fashion police.

Batman neither, fancy wearing a shirt with a photograph of your tonsils on your chest, how daft is that!

Spider-Man? … Mmmm, I quite like his agility, although now a bit too old in the tooth for all that malarkey.

The Hulk? …. Couldnt afford all the clothes repairs.

Green lantern? … nah!

Robin? … pfft!

Wonder-Woman? ….. too much of a goodie two shoes.

And then there is poor old Thor, always in the wars and hurting himself … constantly crying out “I’m Thor, i’m Thor”

and finally … Captain America? … I dont think so !

But seriously, what would we call ourselves and just who would we be responsible to?

Me? … I’m just plain “Cooper-Man”   …. Responsible to? …. Myself of course.


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