Todays observation …

From my window I can observe ….

Fishing boats, divers in orange RIB’s
Buoys & seagulls, paddlers in the midst.
Spring has sprung, Summer to come.
Guys & gals with rag ruts in pram’s & scoffing chips all salt’d with vinegar’d layers on.
Fish swim deep far from anglers.
Sammy the seal dodges & waves at the tourist, across the bay, on a boat journey paid.

Back packing walkers and hikers resting, pointing at objects, interesting.                                  Dogs and puppies on leads, persons of all age, odd matching clothes and strange fashion  patterns, a trend they setting.                                                                                                                  Big trawler steaming heading to fishing grounds, where black cuttle and Turbot abound,  canoes and ‘nooists caught in the wake, they go up and they go down, holding on tight, for  heavens sake.

This is the view im content with sat here, glass of red wine chilled, not, sadly I fear.                For housework certainly should needs addressing, distractions and attractions, are not  often a blessing.

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