Ninth Month

September has always been a special time of year for me, it was the month of my birth, strangely enough, you could say I was the calm after the storm, my arrival into this crazy world was on a night where a tempest was raging out at sea, the Dr due to deliver me was summoned by signal of flares and bangs from the lifeboat crew to muster rescue for souls desperate for help.
02:05 I entered the *room*, an exhausted young woman delighted upon my arrival after losing her first child in her labour a year previous, now proudly presented me to her handsome husband, Roy, the telegraph boy, my father. I was now the heir to the family name of Stamp, a successor to carry on this title, I was the last male child to be born to extend the branch of this particular family tree.
September always brings tall skies and gentle warm breezes, the light seems more intense, almost like an electric lamp gives just that little bit more output as before it fails. Sea and tides are often at extremes, parts of beaches and rocks are revealed which only a few venture down to see, childhood memories flood back of small fish and crabs collected from rock pools which all too quickly disappear into the hidden depths of Neptunes garden.
Local folk talk of Indian summers and sit late into the evening, they watch the sunset fall behind the moorland hills whilst the intense rays of the sun heat their faces with closed eyes. Quiet conversation and small talk are answered with contented mmmm’s and laughter, memories of years past are screened with perfect clarity inside ones head.
The constant reflection of the diminishing light are displayed from every conceivable angle, desperate to raise ones palm as a makeshift barrier, the intensity makes hard work, much too lazy to spoil with sunglasses, but, we still continue to enjoy the spectacular event that is September. 
Somewhere deep in my recesses I can hear Doris Day singing Que sera sera, and I see two people so much in love staring down at me.
They sit safely, high upon the limestone and granite headland which juts out into the sea, as the sound of the waves crash noisily upon the base as it swells and falls and look into their future.

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