Enter The Prince of Darkness.

“I said I’d meet you in town at 11, yes, today, 11 o’clock in The Avenue, please don’t bring Spider as he frightens me” he disconnected the call to Pete, his mind flashed back to the snappy Jack Russell who would sit on the shoulder of the seat back staring at him blowing bad dog breath, like a miniature dragon with invisible flames.

This meeting was to tie up loose ends which would then give them 36 hrs to get their baggage and tool cases ready before starting the executive travel already scheduled.

I was still getting snide remarks from the mad one over us not travelling until Monday, he wanted the weekend off, problem with Pete was that he steered his life with his dick, he always had a special lady lined up, sorry to disappoint you mate, but, it’s definitely a no no for you tomorrow night, little did we know, it wouldn’t be tonight either.
Once Pete understood my reason for travelling on Saturday his face changed, you could see the dollar signs in his eyes spinning like a cartoon character winning the slots, of course he squealed, “weekend rates!”

I left him happy, detouring back towards the car, I purchased two books, one was the Rough Guide to El Salvador, just for a little inside cultural knowledge, the other book, lets just say, for some late night bedtime reading!

The corporation had our British Airways Flights booked out of Heathrow on Saturday mid afternoon direct to Miami International and change for flight to San Salvador, all follow on transfers had been *arranged* arriving at hotel late Sunday afternoon.

We had heard that the hotel was clean and passed muster, quite a patronising comment from someone we called “the prince of darkness”, Ted, oh he’s the works baddie, a complete and utter jobs worth, worst of all, a shadower, hence the name, and a total knob.

He had visited El Salvador and the project at least six months previous and returned with all the relevant dimensions and plans of site, water supplies, mains electrics positions, all details that a fine quantity and general quality production surveyor would do, or should have done, he was to be our weakest link, somewhere along the line, if the shit was going to hit the fan, it would be our fan and his shit, correct, dear reader, well sussed.

Just before my house mate/ex lover had placed dinner on the table, the phone rang, I normally don’t answer the phone after 7, it’s rude, people calling. It did it again!

Hello, I answered quite annoyed, 

“Bill here, we’re leaving tomm early ….”

… but that’s Friday I questioned!


… but why?

“because we fucking are, station 08:10, get hold of the midget and tell him”,

Pete, midget?

“… Yes, now don’t argue”.

But …

……, *ring ring* … 

“Pete! Guess what? ….”

“…. BASTARD” came the reply, followed by an impression of catweasle huffing! No doubt Pete was entertaining, and caught with his pants down …. Again!

Neither of us had packed a thing, I don’t think we had time, but, we had to find it. I phoned my parents explaining the situation as I was due to visit them first thing the following morning, fifteen minutes later on the dot, dear Mum and Dad arrived rather flustered, still wearing slippers.
It was easier to put the suitcase on the lounge floor and keep traversing up and down the stairs than shout down to them, they refused tea, same for coffee, but produced a bottle of Chardonnay as a celebration drink.

It was difficult to discuss the situation with the live in ex lover, but, I mentioned in passing, for the first month dad would call for rent and my post, after that I should have returned and he could move out then, I’ve always been a generous and accommodating person, I felt easier with that arrangement than leaving an empty apartment, anyway, I still had some feeling for the bloke, “soft in the head more like” as dad called it.

Trying hard not to seem to be pushing parents out, but, I had things to do, there were the usual tears, for God’s sake mum, it’s only Central America, that was it, just two words, two tiny trigger words and all broke out, not being the well behaved of sons, and with my previous track record my mother was more concerned i would end locked up in prison with the key thrown away, dad had thought even worse, kidnap! She went into distress mode, “shootings, violence, mugging, political unrest, drugs, drugs! Promise me you don’t do drugs?”

I had to promise her, but, Infact I lied a small white one, I had at one time been offered some dance pills, and to be honest, we had had a great time on them, they made me smile like a Cheshire Cat and I remember telling everyone I loved them, you could hardly call them hard drugs, anyway, what time were we to have whilst working, to go out dancing! I’d already worked my months pay out, no leisure time for me, I was going to do well, my pot of gold was to be spilling over.

There was just enough time now to shower before bed and attempt to sleep five hours, sadly it was to be a case of “no way Jose”.

Sluggishly I got myself together the following morning, before I knew it, “victor meldrew” was outside honking his car horn like it was a new Christmas present, bloody hell, he’s early again! Mr grumpy was ready to run me about, to start yet another adventure, good old Dad.

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