To, or not Tarot

I’ve been considering this venture for sometime, I’m guessing at least 30 years, so, as you can imagine I’ve been thinking about this for far too long and thought that I’d done my homework and the necessary du diligence ….. Wrong! 

I never imagined that this was going to be easy, I’ve built my own home, worked abroad and planned many an epic adventure, but, scouring the Internet as to where I might obtain this item has proved unfruitful, well, I could have obtained it from many possible places, but, if you are like myself I prefer to touch an item, albeit briefly, all you ladies know about that especially *fingering* a coat or a dress, arm from collar to cuff or holding a new pair of shoes and examining them with your X-ray eyes from all special angles, coo-ing and purring gently whilst making that ultimate positive decision.

Believe me, men are the same, probably even more so, especially where clothes are concerned, please don’t even get me started about all things bright and shiny, that includes hand and all power tools, and anything of a technological persuasion, as you may have guessed, I’m easily distracted and quite geeky.

You show me a person that says they don’t have anything that they adore in their home, then il show you an emotionless person, we’re not talking about having an alter, or a prayer room, although some religious sects tend to, this is about a special item or area you appreciate in your own home or a personal place, ever looked at your mantelpiece, or sideboard or even a window cill, do you have candles, photographs, maybe Buddhas, small items that are reminders of events or occasions with special memories, even a dressing table, a mirror, one of the biggest reminders of happy or even sad times is listening to music, just a few beautiful notes can turn me into either a bubbling wreck or something demented jumping about or toe tapping … 

Now, think again, do you? 

Of course you do!

Your home is your special place, it’s a sanctuary away from the outside world, tell me you don’t yearn some days to be relaxing on the sofa, either reading, watching TV, maybe cuddling up to loved ones and family members, taking comfort from each other.

Of course you do!

It’s the future, your place to return and discuss the past.

One of the biggest fears I have is what’s in store for the future, I’ve come a long way down this well trodden path, sometimes it’s been smooth, often rather bumpy, but, I do now have an amazing fellow traveller who has helped me overcome these hurdles, he’s picked me up more often than not and dusted me down so many times I’ve lost count, so, maybe, now that I have found what I was looking for, I now consider, that I shouldn’t open this new *deck of cards*, it already shows “The Popess”, I feel I can live with what that reveals, be it either form, and just place the suite somewhere special, let the path already plotted take its own natural course.

Now to continue enjoying life with my familiar surroundings, yes, those things here with me are my present, my past, they too, are also my future.

Therefore, I shall leave this item unopened to remind me, that life is a gamble, and let what ever will be, will be.

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