Online *School* Report


It’s rather strange to believe that at the age of 59 & 4/12ths I should receive a report about my academic progress here on WordPress, apparently a mental arithmatic question with the answers awaited my perusal as did a “colour blind” test chart depicting my post patterns during the short *term* period I enlisted myself upon in this syllabus, many search engines provide my whereabouts along with the infamous GPS system attached to my virtual shadow, which was of course inspired by author George Orwell with his book entitled “Nineteen Eighty-Four” a story of “big brother” constantly surveying everybody’s movements and positions.

Furthermore, it would appear the majority of the *spies* reading my “diary inserts” hail from the Northern Hemisphere, USA & Canada, and a few dear friends here in the U.K.  Now its steadily becoming more like a James Bond type novel, I have no hesitation in sharing my life’s antics, and maybe the title to my famous, not yet finished blockbuster should be entitled “London Skylines”, so, as at the end of any school report there is always a damning remark from the *Headmaster/Principal*, yes, you are correct Sir, “I MUST TRY HARDER”.

See you all in 2016, Happy New Year to you, and may your year be as good as i intend mine to be. xx

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