Pantomine season

Hello dear followers, please accept my apologies for not popping up on your platforms quite so regularly as I have been, as much as I adore the festive season, my usual routines during this period tend to get pushed into an envelope named oblivion, my desk space has to be dismantled and the tree takes its roots where my trestles usually stand.

I am normally quite O.C.D’erly about my paperwork, and bills, and especially the general upkeep of my home, I can praise my dear friend Chris who taught me this perfect plan, it was all part of a recovery rehabilitation from my strokes, but, sadly the Victorian idea of importing and erecting a tree into the household, as much as lovely as it is, tends to upset the whole apple cart, so, today, almost a month after this started, now finally, the last pieces of the jigsaw slot together.  Oh please do not worry, the tree was dismantled on the twelfth night, boxes of decorations had to be restored into oriface’s they were born of, and sad to say, piles of correspondence which covered almost every empty space have now, after five hours of juggling, date lining, stapling and hole punching, been put to sleep, one whole months worth of house keeping is back to normal, all present and correct.

I know this is a bit of a strange blog, but, just like Christmas “its behind me”, and yes, I know, not that far away at all.

Watch this space, as Arnie says “I’l be back”

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