Picking up the Gauntlet!

Hello dear blogging friends,

Today I asked a dear friend rosiewrites2.wordpress.com to shame me publicly on Twitter, I begged nothing short of a humiliation from her. to kick my butt get myself into gear and start blogging again, thinking about it, doing this, does it mean that I am either a masochist or a sadist?, probably, and even more plausible, possibly both!

Anyhow, it would seem that I am beginning to digress, so, now is the time for me to stand up and accept the gauntlet, I hereby acknowledge my challenge to write SEVEN blogs, one each day, infact a whole weeks worth, however, as such, today’s small blog is just to give you some insight of the challenge ahead, basing it on my days during the following week , in it will include  a quote each from Frasier and Two and a half Men, of which are my favourite comedy programes, see if you can find them?, a musical track from my vast iTunes platform (if i can get the link to work) as I enjoy listening to an eclectic range of music whilst I tend to put “pen to paper” and you might encounter a profanity or two, possibly more, for which I apologise in advance, by the way, talking of humiliation, try not to imagine me dressed in fetish wear or high heels whilst I complete my task, I draw the line to that, well, high heels at least.

See you tomorrow …. (wink)

Go visit my friend on Rosiewrites.wordpress.com such a lovely lady, and very very talented.

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