All change … Day 1 0f 7

…. *phone rings* …

“Of course I will” said the loving son, “I’l see you on Monday afternoon, dont you worry, I love you, bye Mum”

Instinctively, one immediately knows when something is wrong, the week ahead that was planned was now about to change, “not a problem” I say, “take the car, do what you have to do and stay as long as it takes”

Sunday, mid afternoon, and here I am busy packing my suitcase ready to move into Chris’ home at a moments notice and dog sit for a week, this is the perfect start subject for my seven day blog challenge, but, what exactly do you pack when you are only heading next door?, everything but the kitchen sink and more thats what …… panic ye not !

Music and its associated partners such as dancing and singing, (well, lip syncing actually) play such an enormous part in my life, happiness, sadness, love, and every mood that becomes me, when driving, completing tasks, writing, events, etc, infact, I don’t really need an excuse to crank up the soundz and get Rockleigh and Parker a rocking, I’ve chosen this particular piece, which was composed by JS Bach, the energy of Myleene Klass’ performance epitomises exactly the madness I am experiencing at this particular moment in time, nothing quite like running around as a freshly beheaded chicken, or in my case, an old rooster.

Mmmm, *thinks* , as my head rotates on top of my shoulders like Linda Blair in the 1973 film The Exorcist. My bathing routine, and my many potions, lotions  and ointments have to remain here in-house, I cannot bear to move my well tried and routined layout of L’Oreal for Men and my supersoft fluffy non monogrammed towels, apart from that, and thinking ahead it will also give me an excuse to return each day to check up on the idiot builders renovating the apartment upstairs, Yes, STILL ! So far so good, but, exposed water pipes are as susceptible to fracture as is a team of hairy ass builder’s size 12 plus feet coming through my exposed ceiling as most of the floorboards are lifted.

I realise that after opening the fridge door, and inspecting the contents, there appears to be more fresh air than anything else, and guessing that one cannot survive on “tossed salad and scrambled eggs”[1] alone, I have to consider now that I’m almost totally off grid, it looks like my only form of human contact is going to have to be the delivery driver from Sainsburys, so, armed with my money off online shopping voucher I slip out of my LBN, kick my heels off, let my hair down and go wild in the virtual aisle. Many add to carts later, and im able to checkout without having to confront the usual surly bitches who insist on throwing my items down the packaging area as hard and as fast as possible. With a nice sigh I logout of my account and whisper sarcastically “Phase one, Complete”[2]

[1] Title song to Frasier.                                                                                                                              [2] Title to S1, Episode 9 (2&Half Men)

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