Just a normal kinda day …. Day 3 of 7

*Todays* blog is a little laid back, infant, its as it happened yesterday! …. please enjoy!  ……

Not late, or even in the allocated time slot, the delivery gentleman from Sainsbury’s doth arrive, he is fifteen minutes early, and guess what?  …. he apologised ! It is such a pity that his in-house colleagues did not attend the same finishing school as he.

We exchange delivery crates, mine empty, for his full ones, and both of us pass the time of day, the sun is shining, it makes good conversation, …. and in a space of a few minutes we have now become ‘friends of an ephemeral kind’ ….  surprisingly just what a difference a small amount of time given to a person makes … I have gone all fluffy and fuzzy inside, thinking that he may be just as nice to other elder folk as he was to me. (Somewhere deep down inside Im quite an old soft sod really)

Theres is a special treat for Spike steadily puttering away on the hob, a mixture of fresh Lambs kidney and the best diced beef that only our local butcher Wayne, dare to display. Spike, or ‘little man’ as he is known is such a delicate soul where his diet is concerned, well, to be honest, he’s got me tight and wrapped around his little dew claws, and I love it, isn’t that what we as loving and caring people do for our furbabies?  I have none of my own family at home now, apart from my dearest dearest Chris, three of my four children have gone and the fourth has moved on, she has her own man now to care for her, but, me, as a Father, as we as Fathers always do, are watching.

They say that if you get poo’d on by a seagull its good luck, well, heaven help the one that might possibly crap on my now freshly laundered towels airing in the warmth of the April sun, and as for the bloody neighbour who insists on feeding them, I steadily bite my own tongue, but, it so so winds me up, and there is sod all I can do about it, one can but hope that something might happen to the “Captain of the Flying Monkeys”[1]. (Did i really say that?). I remember as a child, my dear Mother proudly hanging her whites as they dried on the clothes line, and fretting, as they, the “monkeys” circled high above, nowadays you tend not to see those beautiful white artistic displays due to ridiculous covenants insisted upon by local councillors, they, who know much about nothing, but tend to make up and enable enforcement of their ridiculous by-laws.

As this day gently progresses and my choice of music “mellows my harshness”[2]. I kick back with a couple of Triple Sec’s, quite a complacent thing to do especially at this time of day, don’t you think?, but what the hell!, Its a Tuesday, a Tuesday with that old familiar Sunday feeling that I used to remember.

A Trance compilation by Dave Pierce gently warbles courtesy of my first generation iPad gifted to me by Chris and a Bluetooth devise, warmth and comforted memories flit through my head just as if I were recovering from the drug fucked sessions I attended  many years ago, it never made sense then, I have to wonder, does it make any sense now? I ask myself?.  Twenty years ago I would have been pushing myself both physically and mentally to an extreme, and way way beyond. Now I watch, in a similar scenario the tradesmen and builders on the site across the road busting their guts with ridiculous deadlines, building with out a plan and techniques approved by apprenticed architects, and as the their chaos doth enthuse, and oblivious to them, gently in the silhouette of their background, the passenger ferry serenely cruises past, almost at an extended arms length, but many a fing-longers grasp away not giving a toss about the diabolical new carbuncle they are building that clings precariously onto the cliff face.

I check my email, and other social networks before I decide whether its time for my afternoon grampy nap, and I read from others’ events, that my day hasn’t been quite as taxing as I thought, it would appear that my dear friend Rosiewries2.wordpress.com has though,  ….. Flat packs are such a nightmare, sorry I cannot help you dear friend …. get your hammer out, you go gurl xxx

[1] S1, Ep6, (2&Half Men)

[2] Frasier to Niles


2 thoughts on “Just a normal kinda day …. Day 3 of 7

  1. Flatpack thing done …either the usual few bits left over as Mr Garrard hoped …Lol

    Sounds like you had a fairly chilled-out day !

    I’m hoping to get a furbaby soon …I miss that extra heartbeat.

    Take care x


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