Caffeine … Day 6 of 7

 I have such a busy day ahead of me, so, I’m going to have to be really cheeky and pull out one of my “phone a friend” cards, there is so much happening that I didn’t want you to think I would let you down, so, this tiny little blog, is sadly, all the time I can spare today.

I adore Coffee, I adore the aroma, I adore the ritual of preparation and the extra buzz that a really really strong Double Espresso can give, known as many other descriptions, including a “short black”, and such, if you are in Italy, its a “Doppio”, or in Spain or on one of their many beautiful Islands, “Cafe Solo”, which incidentally we will be visiting in September to celebrate my Sixtieth Birthday.

I’m a great believer that coffee shops should be child free including my own flavour’ite, Coffee#1, and just when you think you have found your own very special haven, you find that when you next visit, they have introduced a creche area which angers me immensely, and makes my heart beat rise even higher. Sad now really, because the only reason I visit this establishment is to pick up my freshly ground beans.  I own a couple of their own branded “Clever Drippers”, which are very convenient indeed, and a small “Bodum”Cafietiere, which, today, is loaded with twenty grams of my own personal spiced mix, a pinch of salt and 35omL of hot water and left to infuse for approximately five minutes.

This mornings ritual has been rather unconventional, no fancy cake or any cheese savory to accompany, just a buttered brown roll with a large dollop of Robertsons chunky marmalade to add to my couple of extra double buzzers.

….. Must dash ….

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