Ship of Dreams …

I experience many vivid dreams due to one of the medications I take, I often write the contents down and try to analyse, but, I’m sure that if I disclosed all of my thoughts, someone would make me a whole seminar’s worth. Last nights dream was even stranger, and I have just put a few words together on how it happened and of what I can remember.

The rough seas have calmed, at least for tonight.

The tide calls higher than usual, my toes just touch the water and my departure is gentle.

My once secure mooring gently slips, and under the moons ghostly shade I set sail upon my beautiful ship of dreams.

What was once my life, is now but my past.

A destination far far away, not that unfamiliar, seeking faces of those who sailed this same ship a long long time ago.

Paul Stamp 13 April 2016

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