Our manor

Here is a screenshot from a TV programme presented by former MP Michael Portillo called Great British Railway Journeys, this evenings episode is called Exploring Albertopolis, rail track between High Street Kensington & London Bridge, if you look at the area from top right quarter you will see a rooftop that is both triangular convex and concave and all the way down, underneath that is Borough Market, yes, the place where the terrorist attack took place recently. Midway top left is where Chris and I use to live, ‘igh above the streets and ‘ouses, all part of our manor, in fact the stories I could tell you about the whole district would either make you laugh or cry. 

As a Londoner, and proud to admit, we will NOT be shaken or stirred by the atrocities that idiots and extremists get up to …. to coin a phrase, …. bring it on sunshine, we ain’t going nowhere.

One thought on “Our manor

  1. Nice to see you on here. But no pressure, it’s supposed to be fun

    Yes, I agree with your sentiments. We will not be beaten. North or South we will stand together.



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